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Winter 2020-2021 Events

Forage Management Knowledge Transfer Event Series

  • Upcoming Webinar Series of 5 webinars focused on providing producers in the central and northern interior of BC with relevant, applied information to enhance their knowledge of current sustainable forage and soil management practices to improve overall production

Demonstrating Innovative Pasture Rejuvenation Practices in Central and Northern Interior of B.C.

  • The BC Forage Council will be hosting a series of 3 webinars providing insight into the project and relevant information about Innovative Pasture Rejuvenation.

Producer Panel on Pasture Rejuvenation for Kootenay-Boundary Region

  • Panel discussion with six Kootenay & Boundary producers to learn what innovative practices they have been trialing over the last two years to revitalize pasture, incorporate legumes and increase soil carbon.

Re: Demonstration Research Manual

“This kind of research is useful and it’s doable. It doesn’t take any complicated tools: I’m using a couple dollar-store hoops, a kitchen scale and some zip-lock bags. It probably takes a couple hours at the front end and maybe four or five hours later in the summer. But down the road, if I can gain another 15, 20 per cent production and I’m going to see that gain over 10 years, that’ll be time very well spent.” – Wayne Ray, Vanderhoof.

Manual “is useful and it’s doable”

“I’d really encourage other producers to do their own studies since other varieties might better suit their conditions. Harvesting alfalfa with higher protein can make a huge difference – sometimes as much as $100/ton – in what you can get for the hay. That can make or break your business.” – Traugott Klein, Vanderhoof.

Use science instead of guesswork