OFCAF Funding

The $200-million On-Farm Climate Action Fund is an initiative to help farmers tackle climate change.  The objective of the Fund is to support farmers in adopting beneficial management practices (BMPs) that store carbon and reduce greenhouse gases, specifically in the areas of:

  • nitrogen management
  • cover cropping
  • rotational grazing practices

The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association is working solely on supporting the rotational grazing practices stream in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec and Saskatchewan provinces.  The BC Forage Council is pleased to be working with CFGA to implement the initiative in BC.

Learn more about the program in detail, including the full Application Process, on the CFGA program website.

Program Details

The Canadian Forage and Grassland Association OFCAF Advanced Rotational Grazing Program is available to all agricultural producers in Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, and Saskatchewan who want to develop or expand their rotational grazing practices. 

Producers can apply for projects up to $20,000 per year with a cost share of 70 program:30 producers of eligible project expenses.  Projects of a larger scale may be eligible for more than $20,000 on a case-by-case basis. 

A total of $75,000 is available over the life of the program (combined total OFCAF funding from all sources).   

Eligible Expenses

  • Grazing Plan
  • Fencing
  • Water Systems
  • Improving Pastures

Important Note: Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC is also supporting this initiative in BC for all three areas. To learn more about their programming, please visit their website here.

Knowledge Translation and Transfer Activities

Along with providing cost-share funding to implement grazing management projects, BC Forage Council will be coordinating Knowledge Translation and Transfer Activities to increase producers access to information and resources related to advanced grazing systems.

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