Equipment Rentals

BCFC offers equipment rentals to its membership – the only cost is finding a way to access the equipment (e.g. shipping). Currently, the equipment is stored in Prince George – but will find its way moving around the province, hitching rides from town to town. Equipment is rented out on a first-come, first-serve basis. Below is a list of equipment available:

  • Forage Probe Samplers for Hay and Silage (2) – Excellent tool for obtaining representative core samples for laboratory analyses. The samplers take a core and allow for continuous sampling of 20+ bales, to provide a composite sample.
  • Soil Sampler (1) – Features a full cut-away probe for viewing soil profiles, kick-out top plug, T-handle, and core-extractor.
  • Brown Moisture Probe (1) – A reliable tool to determine stored surface moisture levels for plant growth. It identifies moisture layers in the soil to a depth of 39″ (1m).
  • Portable Bale Scale (1) – A reliable to tool to track average bale weight, useful for tracking yield, and informing a sale or purchase. Easily fits in the back of a pick up.