Forage Management Knowledge Transfer Event Series

The BC Forage Council hosted a 5-part webinar series, focused on providing producers in the central and northern interior of BC with relevant, applied information to enhance their knowledge of current sustainable forage and soil management practices to improve overall production. Funding for this project was provided in part by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

The webinar series was hosted in Feb – March 2021.

Webinar 1: Soils 101

  • Introduction to Soils – Dieter Geesing, Provincial Soil Specialist
  • What Your Soil Analysis is Telling You: A deep dive into a case study – Dieter Geesing, Provincial Soil Specialist
  • Central-Interior Soils and pH – Josh Andrews, Nutrient Management Agrologist
  • Digging Deeper into Soil Nutrients – Norm Dueck, HeartLand Soil & Crop Solutions

Webinar 2: Nutrient Management in Forages

  • Nutrient Management 101 – Josh Andrews, Nutrient Management Agrologist
  • Nutrients and Legume Nodulation – Josh Andrews, Nutrient Management Agrologist
  • Nutrient Impacts on Species Composition – Dr. Shabtai Bittman, Research Scientist, AAFC

Webinar 3: Invasive Species Management

  • Managing Woody Encroachment in Pastures – Dr. Edward Bork, University of Alberta
  • Why the Textbook Solutions to Woody Encroachment May Not Work – Julie Robinson, Forage Friendly Enterprises.

Webinar 4: Focus on Legumes

  • Legumes 101 – Dr. Yosouf Papadopolos, Research Scientist, AAFC
  • Feed Quality and Cattle Gains – Mike Witt, Witt Precision Ag
  • All About Alfalfa – Dr. Surya Acharya, Research Scientist, AAFC

Webinar 5: Grazing Management

  • Grazing Impacts on Soil and Plant Productivity – Greg Tegart
  • Increasing Shoulder Season Grazing – TBA

2020 Forage Management Event – Presentations

Thank-you to everyone who contributed to the successful Forage Management KT Event Series. More than 230 producers participated across the region. Copies of the presentations provided during the event series are listed below.

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